About the program

Write to Read Tutoring: Employing the Spalding Method to advance your child's reading and writing.

What is the Spalding Method

The Spalding Method aids in developing skilled readers, critical listeners, and accomplished writers and spellers.

A total language arts program, the Spalding Method includes instruction in spelling, writing and reading. Students see, hear, say and write using all channels to the brain with the stronger channels reinforcing the weaker.

Using all four sensory channels allows the Spalding Method to reduce the amount of practice required for mastery and helps prevent, or overcome existing learning difficulties.

Who is Write to Read Tutoring

Write to Read Tutoring is a private tutoring program run by Ms. Laura.

Ms. Laura holds a certification in the Spalding Method and is a credentialed 'Teacher in Elementary Education' and specializes in reading. She has 45 years of experience in teaching children all aspects of spelling, writing and reading the English language.

Contact Information

Hello, I'm Ms Laura!

Email: mslaura@writetoreadtutoring.com

Text: (805) 285-6717

Please leave your contact information and your child's age and grade. I look forward to speaking with you about how we can advance their language skills!

I have references of success of Write to Read Tutoring and am happy to provide these upon request.